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Transition Partnership Example

Atlantis Academy is a K-12 private school that serves students with disabilities and unique learning needs. The 3 campuses in south Florida have provided personalized educational programs for children and adolescents since 1976. Some students with disabilities choose to stay in school after 12th grade to further develop their skills and maximize the likelihood of a successful transition to adulthood. In response to a growing need for real life educational and employment experiences for students over the age of 18, Atlantis Academy developed the Living Independently with Fundamental Experiences (LIFE) Program. This program teaches young adults with varying abilities the necessary skills they need to live a more independent life both in the home and workplace.

The LIFE program is conducted in a safe, “real-home” atmosphere so young adults can learn to live more independently in a natural environment. Students are supported in general housekeeping and daily living skills tasks. LIFE offers transportation and supervision for off-site social activities such as attending movies, grocery shopping and dining at local restaurants. The LIFE program partners with local businesses for participants to volunteer and learn critical job skills with the support and guidance from the LIFE program staff. Atlantis Academy Miami has collaborative partnerships with a local zoo, nursing homes and local hospitals for students to gain valuable job experiences. Additionally, the LIFE program provides instruction to help participants further develop their reading, writing, math and computer skills in a manner that compliments the job training experiences.