I was a general education teacher in the Philippines for six years before moving to California. I have a passion for education, so when I learned of the Instructional Aide position with Spectrum, it immediately piqued my interest.

Spectrum introduced me to a different side of education and opened my eyes to the struggles children face when diagnosed with a learning disability. I always enjoyed my work as a teacher, but working with the students at Spectrum is more rewarding because the progress they make is beyond just academic achievements.

As an Instructional Aide, I’ve learned about behavior management through training and mentoring from my supervisors. I understand how to improve a students’ behavior, and I apply the skills I’ve learned to teach children the appropriate ways to communicate, socialize with peers and utilize independent living skills. I take pride in the fact that I have a good rapport with my students and it is gratifying to see our students learn and succeed despite the severity of their disabilities.

Because of the deep meaning I find in my work and the constant encouragement I receive from my administrative team, I was recently inspired to go back to school to earn my Master’s degree in special education. Spectrum supports continuing education and provides scholarship opportunities to ease the financial burden. I want to lead my own classroom again, and Spectrum is helping me make my dream a reality.

For the past five years it’s been incredibly fulfilling to watch children who previously struggled academically, emotionally and socially, learn the skills they need to transition back into a general education classroom. This job provides me a tremendous amount of happiness and I am proud of the difference I make in the lives of our students.