Special Needs Educational Programs & Services | Spectrum Center Schools

Special Needs Programs & Services

Spectrum Center offers a comprehensive educational program for school-age students with autism, emotional/behavioral disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and other disabilities which require focused academic, behavioral, communication, and therapeutic services. Spectrum Center schools are known for the quality of their research-based, data-driven programs that help students acquire the skills they need to be independent. Depending on the needs of the student, the following instructional methods are used:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) instructional methods 
  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Support
  • Direct Instruction for remediation of skills
  • Direct instruction on grade-level learning standards
  • Evidence-based social skills instruction
  • Individualized and/or small group counseling (per student IEPs)
  • Functional analysis of problem behavior
  • Blended learning

Special Education Teachers & Curriculum

Spectrum Center teachers provide rigorous instruction on grade-level standards coupled with remediation instruction to ensure students have the tools they need for success. Some students may have more intensive educational needs and require modified learning standards and a functional skills curriculum. Board Certified Behavior Analysts, teachers, and other service providers design and implement programs to ensure that there is:

  • A culture that is positive and reinforcing where:
    • There are high rates of positive reinforcement 
    • Logical consequences are used as teaching opportunities 
    • Focus is on reducing and replacing challenging behavior
  • Mastery Learning
  • On-going progress monitoring 

Partnership Models

 Spectrum Center offers a variety of partnership models and tailors its services based on a district’s specific needs. Spectrum Center operates:

  • Schools either on a public school campus or in a location in the community that is agreeable to our district partners.
  • An educational solution within a district building that provides students with disabilities more access to typically developing peers than a separate school while being intensive enough to meet the needs of the students. Students receive the individual attention they require and still have access to school activities with their peers in the general school program.
  • Consultative services to assist districts in expanding internal capacity to meet their obligation with special needs in the least restrictive environment. 

Autism Services and Programs

Spectrum Center Schools and Programs has more than 40 years of experience using a data-driven approach to design personalized programs for students ages three to 22 with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Spectrum Center’s autism programs are guided by proven, research-based strategies, including the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA).

Emotional and Behavioral Special Needs Programs

Spectrum Center offers academic classrooms for students who are working to develop proficiency on grade level standards and may be working toward earning a diploma. Students who are enrolled in the academic classroom may have disabilities such as emotional and behavior disorders or specific learning disabilities.

Vocational Training for Special Needs Students

Spectrum Center incorporates transition and vocational education when developing IEPs for all transition-age students, generally 16 and older. Transition and vocational education helps each student set post-school goals and work toward individual career and life goals.