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Spectrum Center Family Resources

Family support is an important part of student’s success.  At Spectrum Center, we recognize the critical role families play in reinforcing and extending their student’s learning.  Spectrum Center provides the following services to keep families informed and connected to the learning experience.  

  • Regular Communication: Spectrum Center teachers provide regular communication on student progress, and we encourage families to contact the school at any time.
  • Open House/ Conferences: Spectrum Center holds open houses annually inviting families, district partners and community members to come and learn more about the school or program.  Additionally, families are welcome to request a teacher conference to discuss student progress at any time throughout the school year.
  • Trainings and Informational Sessions: Spectrum Center offers parent training on behavioral, academic, communication, and transition supports. Spectrum Center works closely with our district partners to design the parent training component of the partnership.

Example of Parent Support Program

A good example of a parent support program is at our program in Lake County, IL. Parents were provided a copy of Dr. Mary Barbera’s book, The Verbal Behavior Approach: How to Teach Children with Autism and Related Disorders. Each month, our parents are invited to the school to review a chapter in the book with the parents.

Additionally, parents are provided weekly updates on their student’s functional communication progress.  

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