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Emotional Disabilities and Behavioral Services

Programs for school aged students with emotional/behavioral disabilities

Spectrum Center classrooms are designed with the understanding that all students can succeed academically, behaviorally and socially if their education, emotional and behavioral needs are met in an appropriate and supportive environment. Spectrum Center offers academic classrooms for students who are working to develop proficiency on grade level standards and may be working toward earning a high school diploma.

Students who are enrolled in the academic classroom may have disabilities such as emotional and behavior disorders or specific learning disabilities. Spectrum Center uses evidence-based practices to build a positive, respectful culture that promotes social and academic success. 

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Spectrum Center’s academic classrooms focus on academic, behavioral, and therapeutic services. The cornerstone of Spectrum Center’s practice is the use of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), a proactive approach to promoting social and academic success and positive school culture that helps students achieve social and learning goals. In addition to PBIS, the following instructional practices are used:

  • Academic assessment to determine skill levels and progress
  • Direct instruction for remediation of skills
  • Direct instruction on grade-level learning standards
  • Evidence-based social skills instruction
  • Individualized and/or small group counseling (per student IEPs)
  • Blended learning

Behavioral School Curriculum

Spectrum Center provides a comprehensive curriculum based on individual state standards combined with evidenced-based instruction, engaging technology and academic accommodations. Social skills instruction is provided to teach social development and group responsibility. Our therapeutic program integrates counseling and therapeutic services to ensure that the requirements of the IEP are met. Depending on the age of the student, transition education is provided which promotes employment and career development by helping students acquire job readiness skills. 

Emotional/Behavioral Model Program, Buena Park, CA

Spectrum Center in Buena Park, California partners with districts to serve special education students in grades 7- 12.

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Data Report

Spectrum Center provides guaranteed accountability to ensure growth of our students and success of our programs.

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