Distance Learning Plan & Pandemic FAQ | Spectrum Center Schools and Programs

Distance Learning Plan & Pandemic FAQ

How is Spectrum Center Schools and Programs responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak?

As of March 16, 2020, our physical school locations are closed until further guidance from California Department of Education is given. Therefore, we have enacted distance learning plans for all students currently enrolled at Spectrum.

What is Distance Learning and how does it work?

Distance learning is Spectrum Center Schools and Programs’ response to continuing our students’ education, in the event of their physical school location being closed during normal educational hours. It occurs when the learner and the instructor are separated by distance.

At Spectrum Center Schools and Programs, distance learning will occur both for students as a class through live streaming or for individual students who log into technology to learn on their own time. These distance learning methods are defined below.

Synchronously: Students from class learn at the same time; communication is live (live streamed video conferencing with tools such as Zoom, Teams)
Asynchronously: Students from class learn on their own time; communication is not live; rather it involves using learning platforms such as Reading Eggs, Odysseyware, Unique, learning packets, etc.

Distance learning plans are assembled by the student’s instructional team and can incorporate hardcopy packets that are delivered to the home, a virtual plan that can be completed on a home computer or device, or a combination of both. Teachers establish hours of availability and notify students and parents/care providers they are available for help and support. Related Service Providers maintain 1:1 and/or group therapy sessions via Teletherapy.

To further support the distance learning experience, we encourage our families to access information and resources provided by the California Department of Education and the California State Government COVID-19 Page.

How will Distance Learning effect IEP progress and goals?

Baselines and present levels of functioning are gathered from the most recent benchmark reporting period, mid-year assessments and Monthly Curriculum Based measurement data. By blending both online and offline work, each teacher develops a master schedule for their classroom and then individualizes assignments/activities to meet students’ IEP goals, and includes visual schedule resources and/or daily schedules with a brief explanation of how parents/care givers can use these tools to help students be successful. Teachers, Instructional Aides and any Related Service Providers will provide feedback to students when applicable. Assignments completed during distance learning will be used to improve a grade and assess progress on IEP goals.