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Autism and Related Disorders Partnership Example

Several elementary school districts in Lake County, IL were exploring options to better serve children with autism and related disorders. Most students who needed a more intensive program than the school or special education districts could provide were traveling long distances to a private facility for their educational services. Spectrum Center connected with these districts to learn about the districts’ programming needs and the unique learning necessities of their students. After several months of planning with district staff and parents, the partnership with Spectrum Center was established.

Spectrum Center Lake County was designed to meet very specific needs identified by districts and parents. Parents and district staff were concerned that their children were traveling long distances to receive services and that the program was not located in a public school. To address this concern, Spectrum Center partnered with a local school district to secure classroom space in a private wing of an elementary school. Additionally, parents expressed a concern about the limited access to quality services outside of school. Spectrum Center’s sister company, Early Autism Project (EAP), was brought in to the partnership for this reason. As a result, EAP opened a behavioral health clinic in the same location as the Spectrum Center educational program. Children and adolescents from the community can now access an intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program through the clinic and current students in the Spectrum Center program can extend their ABA program either after school or at home or the community.

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