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Admissions Information

Our Mission

Spectrum Center Schools provides personalized, evidence-based educational services for non-traditional learners in collaboration with families and public-school districts. We prioritize the integration of students back into the public education system upon successful completion of educational and behavioral programs at Spectrum Center Schools.

Our Students

Spectrum Center provides effective, quality school programs to students with special education needs, ages 3-22 years old.  We specialize in educating students with mild-to-moderate and moderate-to-severe disabilities, including autism, emotional disturbance, speech and language impairment, other health impairment, and specific learning disabilities.

Our Locations

Spectrum Center has several convenient locations in California.  Click here to learn more:

Student Referral and Placement

Working with Spectrum Center, the school district identifies students who need the special education and related services offered by Spectrum Center. The student’s IEP team determines if Spectrum Center is the appropriate placement. Students eligible to attend Spectrum Center must have a current Individualized Education Program (IEP) stating their academic, social, and emotional needs can be met at a non-public school (NPS). 

Spectrum Center Schools must receive a referral from a student’s school district prior to meeting with prospective students and families. Once the referral is received, we welcome the opportunity to schedule share more about how Spectrum Center Schools will support your child’s academic needs.

Admission Process

Our Admissions Coordinator will contact each student and family to provide an overview of the Spectrum program and schedule a site tour at the campus with the campus director.  The site tour is an important step for families and Spectrum Center to determine if the program is an educational fit for the student’s needs.   Our school calendar does include extended school year (ESY) days.  Students may enroll in Spectrum Center at any time throughout the year, including during ESY.

Once enrolled, an educational team is identified to support the student. The team typically consists of the student, the student’s home district and family, a Spectrum administrator, teacher, counselor, and any other representatives who are involved with the student’s educational process.

Required Documentation

The district provides Spectrum Center a copy of each student’s current, updated IEP and transcripts for office records upon referral or placement into the Program. Parents must complete the enrollment paperwork within the first week of enrollment. Spectrum Center updates IEP goals quarterly or upon the frequency indicated in the IEP.

Contact Us

Please contact our Admissions Coordinator, Debbie Courteau, at or call  (510) 741-5440, for additional information or to schedule an appointment.