Support Services

support_services (1)Because Spectrum schools recognize the diversity of our student populations and our students’ special needs, we provide a full range of support services that complement our academic programs, life skills training and transition services. Spectrum offers all support services recommended through a student’s individualized education program (IEP), including:

  • adaptive physical education
  • one-on-one staffing
  • occupational therapy
  • speech therapy
  • transition services
  • transportation services
  • vocational services

Adaptive Physical Education

Led by trained professionals, adaptive physical education provides an opportunity for students with special physical needs to develop gross and fine motor skills in a fun environment.

One-on-One Instruction

When necessary, Spectrum provides a one-on-one student-to-staff ratio for academic instruction and behavior intervention.

Occupational Therapy

Through discreet trial training (DTT), incidental teaching and level systems, students work with professional therapists to learn and develop their fine motor skills

Speech Therapy

Speech professionals help students with developmental delays, pervasive developmental disorders, autism and other special needs develop their speaking skills, whether students have cognitive or physical challenges.

Transition Services

Spectrum schools provide transition education to help each student establish and work toward career and life goals. Daily living skills instruction and vocational services play a significant role in Spectrum’s transition services

Vocational Services

Vocational coaches help each student identify strengths and vocational interests. Through relationships with local businesses and organizations, Spectrum provides students with opportunities to work and gain on-site work experience.

Transportation Services

Spectrum may be able to provide assistance to students who require transportation support, as detailed in their IEP, to attend a Spectrum Center or a collaborative classroom if their district is unable to arrange transportation.