Spectrum Academy

Philosophy and Approach

Spectrum Academy provides a highly innovative education environment where students with emotional disturbance or developmental disabilities can prepare to transition to life after high school. To do this, Spectrum Academy offers rigorous academics, engaging technology and strong positive behavior support systems.

Spectrum Academy conducts comprehensive academic, behavioral and vocational assessments to determine specific strategies for achieving important learning and social outcomes for each student. An individual course of study is developed to address academic skill deficits, graduation requirements, work experience preferences and abilities, and behavioral programming. In addition, students participate in social skills development groups, transition planning and clinical services. All academics are aligned to state standards and a number of assessment tools are used to monitor student progress.

Commitment to Technology

Every Spectrum Academy student has a personal workstation with a computer and essential learning materials. Spectrum Academy’s commitment to technology allows students to follow a prescribed academic path, remain motivated to learn and become familiar with tools they are likely to use at home, in the workplace or in post-secondary education.

Behavior Supports

Spectrum Academy serves students who benefit from a consistent and structured program. Positive behavior interventions and supports proactively promote social and academic success and create a positive school culture that inspires students to do their best. Building a culture that is rewarding, challenging and meaningful helps students achieve their social and learning goals.

Progress Monitoring

Student outcomes drive the instructional process. Spectrum Academy conducts multiple formal and informal assessments that assist in the ongoing mastery learning process and motivate students to succeed. The assessment process is designed to inform instruction in a timely way, honor student feedback and ensure fairness.

About Spectrum Academy

Spectrum Academy is a program of Spectrum Center Schools, which operates state-certified schools and integrated Collaborative Programs on public school campuses for 115 school districts. Spectrum earned the highest rating given by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. For more than 35 years, Spectrum has worked collaboratively with districts to serve nontraditional students with special needs in a cost-effective and high quality manner.