educators (1)Spectrum Center uses evidence-based programming to provide the educational support needed to serve students with special needs, such as Asperger’s, autism, behavior challenges, pervasive developmental disorders and developmental delays. Our teaching staff is supported by a team of experts who are experienced in special education. These team members help develop and implement individual education program (IEP) objectives, relevant curriculum and behavior intervention plans that emphasize the use of antecedent strategies and teaching replacement skills.

Spectrum Center’s team of educational and behavioral experts is equipped to provide for every aspect of a child’s IEP, and includes professionals such as:

  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts
  • credentialed teachers and teaching assistants
  • occupational therapists
  • adaptive physical education specialists
  • speech pathologists and therapists
  • vocational coaches
  • classroom consultants

Spectrum Center clinicians and instructors rely on proven, scientifically sound methods of instruction, including the following approaches as appropriate for each individual student:

  • applied behavior analysis (ABA)
  • level systems
  • discrete trial training (DTT)
  • functional analysis assessment (FAA)
  • behavior intervention plans (BIP)

Spectrum Center’s staff members are uniquely qualified in special education and behavior management. They are highly credentialed, eminently qualified professionals who participate in ongoing training. We actively seek and implement best practices to promote optimal outcomes and continually adjust our programming as student populations change.


Spectrum Center also works with educators in public schools to refer students with differing abilities to Spectrum Center schools and programs, and we help public schools establish Collaborative Programs within their districts to meet the needs of students in a least restrictive environment (LRE). To learn more about Collaborative Programs, click here.