Spectrum students

Through Spectrum Center’s WorkAbility program, community partners play an active role in assisting students with the transition from school to work. Last year, more than 40 businesses including Round Table Pizza, Safeway, McDonald’s, Best Buy, OfficeMax, Ace Hardware, Pet Food Express, JoAnn Fabrics, TJ Maxx, Knott’s Berry Farm, the House of Blues, Disneyland, Fresh Choice, Marshalls, Oakland Zoo and Century Theater employed more than 100 Spectrum students. Employers provide valuable work and life skills training for the students and are seen as leaders in the communities they serve.

Students involved in the WorkAbility program are eager to work and learn. Employers find student-employees to be committed, courteous and disciplined. Spectrum supports the process by:

  • structuring training in the workplace to meet employer needs
  • providing intensive job coaching before fading to enhance independence
  • paying student wages while students are involved in initial work training (this period varies depending on student and employer needs)
  • offering on-campus and off-campus training for students based on their interest, including retail stocking, light janitorial work, clerical services, landscaping/grounds maintenance and food service
  • continuing to provide ongoing support after a student transitions to the employer’s payroll
  • If your business is interested in being a part of Spectrum’s WorkAbility program, please contact Spectrum Schools and Programs.